French Toast Sticks

French Toast Sticks


Texas Toast pre-sliced packaged bread

Main Ingredients

2 Eggs
2 T. Milk
1 T. Orange Juice
1 Tsp Ground Cinnamon
1 Tsp Vanilla
1 Tsp Sugar

Optional Fillings

The filling will be your favorite choice below are some suggestions

Peanut Butter
Fruit Preserves
Fruit Butters
Jam and Jelly Flavors


Ground Cinnamon
Maple Syrup


Make 3 or 4  sandwichs with your choice of filling
Cut away crust from the bread
Cut sandwiches into 3 sticks
Mix all main ingredients together whipping eggs into frenzy

In a shallow bowl dip both sides of the sticks in the egg mixture, in a large non stick skillet coated with cooking spray, cook over medium to high heat until both sides are golden brown.

Sprinkle with Sugar and Cinnamon
Drizzle with maple syrup

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