Tastee Sandwich

Original Tastee Sandwich 

Tastee Sandwich

Seasoning Mix:

Take an 8 oz. jar and fill it with the ingredients listed below
4 oz. of ketchup
3 heaping teaspoons of prepared mustard
3 heaping teaspoons of Silver Springs Cream Style horseradish
3 level teaspoons of Worcestershire sauce
5 heaping teaspoons of iodized salt
1/4 teaspoon of black pepper
This should fill the jar, if not add ketchup, stir thoroughly.

Cooking Directions: 

Place 5 lbs of 85% ground beef in a flat bottom kettle
Pour the seasoning over the beef in the kettle
Fill the same jar 8 oz. with warm water and pour over meat
Fill the same jar 8 oz. with ground yellow onions, empty into kettle
Add a heaping teaspoon of Accent of top of meat
Take a wooden spoon to stir and mix ingredients

Over a low flame stir constantly with wooden spoon for about 15 minutes or until meat is broken apart finely. Then increase heat about 1/4 until it boils, let boil about 25 minutes stirring every few minutes so it doesn’t stick

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  1. These are pretty darn good but WHOA salty! As a kid who grew up in S.C. IA, I miss not being able to head down the street and grabbing a bag

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