History Of Famous Tastee Sandwich

History Of Famous Tastee Sandwich

Famous 1948 Recipe

Around 1962 Harold L. Jorgenson’s health began to fail and he no longer could expand Tastee Inn & Out.  So he began to sell off parcel by parcel of his holdings to pay medical bills.  Harold still maintained full control of Tastee Inn & Out Corporation 1530 N. 48th street in Lincoln Nebraska, keeping the Tastee sandwich available from 1948 – 1970.  At no time did he sell any recipes to Tastee Inn Corporation, but he did agree to sell the recipes to T Triple B Company.  He provided the original formula and other recipes for $1.00 providing they would do their best to make copies available to many satisfied customers that patronized him throughout the years.  This is an excerpt from one of those $1.00 investments provided in the early 70’s.


Certainly your small investment will be repaid many times over in the savings made by serving this economical sandwich. You now have in the following pages a tightly kept secret since 1931

Sure hope this meets with your approval Harold L. Jorgenson Below are images from Tastee Inn and some of the original documents some 38 years old, providing the Famous Tastee Sandwich recipe.

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