Best Beef Cuts

Best Beef Cuts 


1. Chuck – Budget friendly, versatile cut. Makes a hearty pot roast, also used for kebabs, stew and stir fries. Retail Cut Names  Chuck eye, check fillet, cross rib roast, top blade steak, shoulder steak and roast, arm steak and roast, ground beef. How To Cook  Braise (Brown, then simmer in covered dish) cook in liquid.

2. Brisket – Divided into two parts, flat cut has less fat, less connective tissue, and a higher price tag than point cut. Retail Cut Names  Fresh brisket, corned brisket. How To Cook  Braise, cook in liquid.

3. Rib – Slow cook this tender cut for mouthwatering results. Retail Cut Names  Rib-eye roast or steak, rib roast or steak, back ribs, short ribs How To Cook  Roast, grill, broil, pan broil, pan-fry, smoke.

4. Short Plate/ Flank – Noted for rich, beefy flavor. Use in flank steak recipes or slice into strips and use in fajitas or stew. Retail Cut Names  Skirt steak, flank steak. optical communicationsHow To Cook  Marinate and grill

5. Short Loin – Extra tender yet pricey, cut that almost melts in your mouth. Retail Cut Names  Tenderloin, porterhouse steak, T-bone steak, top loin steak, New York Strip. How To Cook  Roast, grill, broil, pan broil, pan-fry.

6. Round – Tastes best when slow cooked, try it as a pot roast. Also good in kebabs or a soup or sauce based recipe such as Swiss steak. Retail Cut Names  Round steak, round tip roast, boneless rump roast. How To Cook  Braise, cook in liquid.

7. Sirloin – A tasty cost effective option enjoy as steaks or hamburgers, or in kebabs and stir fries. Retail Cut Names  Tri tip roast or steak, top sirloin steak. How To Cook Grill, broil, pan broil, pan-fry.

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