Sweet Corn

Sweet Corn

Grilled Corn In The Husks

For intense flavor and perfectly tender kernels.  Prepare the ears pull back the husks and remove silks, replace the husks and tie in place with a strip of husk or string. Soak in water for 10 minutes.

Outdoors – Grill turning often, until husks are charred and corn in hot 7 – 10 minutes

Indoors – Broil turning occasionally until husks are charred and corn is hot 7 – 10 minutes

Wrap Husked Ears In Foil

For ultra moist corn that can e prepared ahead. Lightly brush corn before of after grilling with melted butter, oil or seasoned spread and wrap in aluminum foil.

Outdoors – Grill turning often until heated through 7 – 10 minutes

Indoors – Bake corn a 400 degrees

Bronzed And Smoked

Place oiled husked ears directly on the grill for better bronzing of the darnels and a deliciously smoky flavor

Outdoors – Grill turning often until kernels start to turn golden brown 7 – 10 minutes

Indoors – Cook corn on a stove top grill pan or broil 6 inches from heat source

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