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Why You Should Subscribe To A RSS (Reader)

 Subscribe in a reader – RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a technology that allows organizations to deliver news to a desktop computer or other Internet device. By subscribing to the RSS feed, users can easily stay up-to-date with new postings on their favorite websites. Feeds consist of headline, brief summary, and a link that leads back to the complete item on the web site.

What is a web feed? – A web feed is a file that contains a computer-readable summary of the content of a Web page. The benefit of subscribing to a web feed is that you no longer need to visit the site itself to stay up-to-date. A reader or aggregator application constantly monitors the site and automatically shows you what’s new.

What is RSS? – RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. You can subscribe to an RSS feed with a feed reader program.

What are RSS readers and how do I get one? – A feed reader is an application that collects and presents the content provided by a Web feed. Feed readers can monitor any number of sites and sources while providing near real-time updates from one location. There are many different types of feed reader applications to choose from.  Some browsers have feed readers built-in. If yours does not, try performing a search with the term feed reader.

How do I subscribe to RSS feeds? – The process of subscribing to a feed depends upon the particular feed reader application used. Be sure to consult the instructions of your feed reader application for more information.

Why should I subscribe to RSS feeds? – Subscribing to an RSS feed offers a streamlined method of receiving content of interest. Feed readers allow the user to aggregate multiple feeds, making the process of gathering website content more efficient. Instead of visiting websites individually for new content, feed readers monitor the sites for you and provide updates from one location.

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