Baileys Irish Cream Bacon Brown Sugar Bread

Baileys Irish Cream Bacon Brown Sugar Bread


2 pounds flour
2 ¼ cup warm water no more that 115 degrees
1 ¼ cup Baileys Irish Cream
7 oz brown sugar
10 oz cooked bacon with oil
7 oz melted butter or margarine
1 oz salt
2 oz granulated sugar
4 oz cracked pepper
1 oz active dry yeast


Whisk yeast into warm water until completely dissolved
Add flour, sugar, brown sugar, salt, cracked pepper and cooked bacon to mixing bowl
Turn mixer on low to incorporate
Slowly add yeast water
Slowly add cold water
When dough ball begin to form add butter and bacon oil
Allow dough ball to reform until smooth, elastic consistency is achieved
Remove and form into 4 oz ball
Bake at 400 degrees for 25 minutes or until golden brown
Brush with Baileys Irish Cream Butter

Directions for Baileys Irish Cream Butter

Whipped butter
Baileys to taste
Brown sugar to taste
Pinch of salt
Mix until incorporated


This recipe is for a full 2 pound loaf, if you cut the measurements in half it will be more fitting for a home/personal kitchen.

Full recipe you will need industrial mixer, half recipe a kitchen mixer will work fine.
Oil from bacon is very important

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